Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring is here and the warm weather chores begin!

We spent the last week or so ripping out the carpet from the spare bedroom/computer room/library.  For some unknown reason, the original owners, who we bought the house from, put white berber carpet in the entire house.  It has been a job keeping it clean looking, so we have gradually been replacing it with laminate, parquet flooring, and peel-and-stick tile in the different rooms, and this was the last.  We've also been painting the walls as we go from the original - you guessed it - white as we went.

During this last room renovation, we were also doing a lot of landscaping, including cutting down 3 dead trees, spreading about 20 bags of cedar mulch, trimming a lot of bushes, and burning branches.  Because of how small our town is, we can still burn leaves and other yard waste, but we try to keep it to a minimum, although the smell can be wonderful sometimes.  

We're definitely beginning to feel our age, though.  The first few times of real effort after the winter leave us with more aches each year.  Oh well, better to have worked and ached than not to have worked at all.

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