Monday, April 16, 2012

Body Oddities

Everyone has some little oddity about them.  it is just one of the things which makes us all unique.  I have a couple myself.

For the first, my legs grew so that my feet stick out, at about a 90 degree angle from each other.  I used to work with a girl who took ballet who said (kiddingly) that she hated me because she had to learn to stand that way for a ballet stance.  It also make for an unusual wear pattern on the bottom of my shoes, especially on the heels.  I can actually turn my feet outwards to the point where they point slightly backwards.  It looks pretty weird when I'm doing it.

The other is that my jaw and other head bones are a bit thicker than normal.  I guess my parents were right when they said I was hard-headed.  I was putting up a swing set once with my son-in-law (for our grandkids), and we were standing up the A-frames with the 4x6 cross member.  My A-frame must have come back a little too far, because the end of the 4x6 dropped down (about 2 feet) on to the top of my noggin.  My son-in-law freaked a little, asking if I was alright, but I just shook my head a little and was perfectly fine.  I didn't even have a bump later.

It's also hard for dentists to pull my back teeth because of my upper and lower jaw thickness.  Every time I've had it done, they have to drill into the center of the tooth, break it apart, then pull the pieces out.  The sounds coming through the bone can be pretty freaky while they do it.  The dentist said (also kiddingly) that I would probably never have to worry about someone breaking my jaw in a fight. 

I also have a couple of bone "bumps" on the inside of my lower jaw.  The dentist said that if I ever have dentures, they will probably have to cut the bumps off first.  It gives me willies just thinking about it. 

Even as a child, I had to have almost all of my baby teeth pulled by a dentist, because they wouldn't come out normally.  I don't know if this condition extends to the other bones in my body, although I've never had a broken bone.  I guess I should be thankful that my oddities aren’t disabling.

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