Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh God, please let them invent a youth serum!

My wife and I did a lot of yard work Saturday, including cutting back a bunch of Red-Tip Photinia bushes in our front yard that had gotten HUGE.  We cut about a third of the height off of them, and they were still about seven feet tall!  I actually had to get out my small electric chain saw for some of the shoots, because they were too thick to cut with limb-loppers.  Plus the bushes were about six feet or more across, which made for a lot of reaching while trying to cut (while standing on a ladder!).

After all the cutting and bundling of limbs for trash pick-up, we were both dragging ass back to the house.  Needless to say, we've both been very sore for the last couple of days, especially our arms and shoulders.

I guess I've let myself go too much lately.  For some reason, neither my wife nor I have wanted to do much extra around the house for the last couple of years.  Part of it was probably me getting laid off from my staff job and having to work contract jobs (with no benefits) for the last few years.  That, and all the bad news you hear can really get you down.

Yet, this year we've done a lot of new yard planting and decorating, cut down (and cut up) six trees that had died, replaced the flooring and repainted one room in the house, and more.  Maybe (I hope) you can only handle so much time "in the dumps" before something within you rebels and tells you to get your ass in gear.

Sore or not, it always feels good to get something done and see the results.  I still wish, though, that they would invent something that would give me the stamina I had about 20 years ago!  As Dr. Smith used to say, "Oh, the pain, the pain!"

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